Challenge: Warehousing & Inventory Management of equipment plays a critical role in ensuring that the operations of Telecom companies are smoothly run and end-customer deliverables are executed with timeliness & quality. Having warehousing services managed by non-specialized warehousing vendors (who do not differentiate or understand the technicalities of equipment) often leads to critical service failures and delays in on-field operations. Lack of process control of equipment and spares leads to un-avoidable gaps in network service fulfillment. In-efficient Inventory management also leads to failure in capturing important information (e.g. part codes of equipment and their components being stored) thereby making it difficult for equipment to be quickly retrieved, shipped and deployed on the field. Telecom warehouses also fail to separate usable and un-usable equipment which is an outcome of not having a testing process for the equipment arriving at the warehouse.         

Solution: SeS offers substantial expertise in warehousing and inventory management of telecom equipment. SeS addresses warehousing requirements of our telecom customers across India. Our Telecom-ready warehousing space caters to the needs of Network, Spares Parts and Site-Returned Material Management.

  • One lakh (100,000) square feet of fully-operational warehouse space at a most convenient/accessible location
  • Availability of appropriately-sized truck bays for handling most truck sizes
  • Fully mechanized material handling systems (forklifts, hydraulic trolleys etc.)
  • Maximization of usable floor space as per requirement – through racking or at floor level, availability of flexible racks (as per customized needs),
  • 24X7 power-backup and security, fire-safety & OHS compliant
  • Well-evolved reporting system for generating inventory reports
  • Barcoding & Integrated (Web-based) inventory management system
  • Access to Test & Repairs Labs at the same place for easy access to repairs of multi-vendor Telecom Equipment, close access to road and rail transport for integrated logistics.

SeS Edge: SeS facility at Gurgaon offers unique features for an un-rivalled warehousing & inventory management solution. The facility has been developed into a Center of Competence from where SeS delivers warehousing and the inter-related repairs & testing, and re-marketing / recycling services to Telecom companies under one roof. The SeS facility also provides expert kitting & packaging service that enables quick logistics and deployment of equipment. Our inventory management process captures OEM part code information right to the part code level of the modular components of equipment. This enables accurate and fast retrieval of the required equipment and its further processing. This is a substantial value-add service as opposed to simple warehousing and saves substantial costs and logistics efforts for our customers. From our Gurgaon center we are equipped to deliver services across India and beyond.

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WAREHOUSING & inventory management