Challenge: Timely network roll-outs and smooth operations (for both network & end-customers) pose a significant challenge to Telecom companies. In essence, the time-to-service to end-customers and time-to-revenue are inherently linked. Telecom & network operators need reliable partners who can help them with achieving their network and customer enablement goals. This means taking complete ownership of SI & project work and delivering in a timely manner.      

Solution: SeS offers a multi-technology Systems Integration (SI) and Field Engineering Services (FES) solution. Our FES team has extensive experience in delivering services. We are equipped to execute projects across the entire geography of India. SeS designates individual Project Managers for all projects to act as the single customer interface, supported by a team of professionals integrating into the project organization.

SeS Edge: SeS’ flexible resourcing model allows us to quickly build and deploy project teams for different services and the exact duration they are needed. The customer is entirely shielded from the complexity of deploying and managing teams. Our committed, highly-skilled and experienced work force enables the timely completion of work as per the agreed schedule.

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