Challenge: Telecom companies have large inventories of excess, non-usable or redundant equipment that not only occupy space (which can otherwise be utilized for operations), but also pose a challenge in environmentally safe processing of such defunct equipment. Re-marketing of pre-owned telecom equipment requires access to the global re-sale channel that is not easily found.   

Solution: SeS offer a global sales channel for re-marketing pre-owned telecom equipment. This is a complementary service to our Spare Parts Management services and helps our customers maximize residual value from their excess equipment. Once SeS teams qualify interest for the re-salable equipment, SeS manages the end service (including testing & repairs, documentation, shipping, and offering warranties on the equipment being remarketed). All equipment for which there is no remarketing potential assessed may be recycled following all applicable environmental regulations (with consent of the customer).  SeS follows a strict Zero Landfill policy – i.e. nothing that our team processes/manages shall be discarded to landfill area. In this manner, customers get the benefit of not only dealing with the excess equipment, but also generate returns from it. SeS provides a certificate of disposition once the equipment has been safely processed.

SeS Edge: SeS is uniquely positioned to help Telecom companies manage their excess equipment. Re-marketing and environmentally safe recycling of redundant equipment brings differentiated value to our customers and leaves a positive impact on the environment.  

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RE-marketing & REcycling