Challenge: Timely deployment, migrations and re-utilization of Telecom assets (both network equipment & Customer Premises Equipment – CPE) play an important role in defining the effectiveness of any service assurance program that a Telecom Operator introduces across its network. To a large extent, this also impacts the service quality for an optimal end-customer experience by enabling the delivery of various network services within committed timelines. However, there are several glitches in managing a multi-vendor equipment environment that most Telecom companies find themselves dealing with no end. Lack of a well-articulated asset utilization roadmap (in line with the Telcos strategic goals) often compounds problems arising out of implementation of network plans and Technology changes (e.g. moving from 3G to LTE). The increasing costs and effort of managing an ageing network further make it difficult for Telcos to extricate themselves from the complexity of running day-to-day operations.    

Solution: Through its consulting engagement, SeS empowers Telecom companies to chart a definitive roadmap or a course correction path (depending on the current technology and network state). Our consultants work closely with Telco stakeholders and define an overall asset utilization workflow as a function of network plans (KPIs) and technology strategy. Output of such an exercise is a clear roadmap that captures the current state of Telecom asset management challenges and KPI-based measurable steps to the target state, to be achieved over an agreed-to time period.         
SeS Edge: SeS consultants are seasoned Telecom professionals who have experienced the entire Telecom value chain and across multiple Technologies and vendors. With SeS being a neutral player in the ecosystem, our consultants objectively evaluate asset management challenges and effectively collaborate with customers’ teams for the most suitable solution that fine tunes the process of asset deployment, migration and re-utilization. The consulting engagement yields an actionable report without ambiguities. 

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Consulting For Optimized Network Asset Utilization